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Established in 1923, the Virginia Motorcoach Association (VMA) is the trade association that represents Virginia’s motorcoach operators, travel planners, and trade partners in matters at the state level. VMA works to promote the motorcoach tour and charter industry and to highlight the achievements by its members and contributions towards the economies of Virginia and North America. VMA also works to advocate the enactment of just and proper laws regulating the motorcoach industry and to protect members of the Association from encroachment, discrimination, improper interference, and inequitable taxation. VMA promotes safe motorcoach travel on our highways through educational speakers during the Annual Convention and during VMA sponsored seminars throughout the year.

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Being a member of the Virginia Motorcoach Association provides a number of benefits, including access to annual events, access to regional and virtual meetings, and other networking opportunities that can help grow your business. Additionally, membership helps the VMA to advocate for legislation that is beneficial to motorcoach operations in the State of Virginia.

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