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The Virginia Motorcoach Association is a professional association for the bus industry in the State of Virginia. It represents bus and tour operators at the state level of government and retains a professional legislative advocate in Richmond to keep the association informed on pending legislation affecting the bus industry. VMA provides for professional development and the sharing of information through membership meetings, seminars, and its annual regional meeting, co-located with the North Carolina and South Carolina Motorcoach Associations. Close communication is maintained with our members throughout the year, particularly through email notices.

New Membership

Applications for new membership are welcome. New members are admitted to the association by majority vote of the Board of Directors upon receiving completed application and documentation which satisfies the membership requirements. New Members shall consist of any industry operator or service provider which has (a) never belonged to the Virginia Motorcoach Association, or (b) for which membership has lapsed and has subsequently changed ownership. Membership acceptance will be made upon completion of a majority board vote, at which time appropriate dues payment will be due. Please note that members who have allowed their membership to lapse and seek readmission, provided they hold the same ownership as while they were members, are not considered new applicants and not subject to board vote.

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The Virginia Motorcoach Association offers the following membership categories

Operator Members

Any person, firm, corporation, or business venture of any form owning and/or operating one or more motorcoaches within the State of Virginia, or surrounding states, for the purpose of transporting passengers on schedules regulated by State or local authority, or charter or sightseeing service pursuant to State authority. In-state members in this category are entitled to one vote per company.

Requirements for all Operators

  1. Operator must provide current proof of operating authority.
  2. Operator must have been in business at least one year from the date of operating authority.
  3. Operator must provide proof of current and adequate insurance coverage required for motorcoach operators by state (intrastate) and federal (interstate) regulations.
  4. Operator must sign the Association’s Code of Ethics for Motorcoach Operators.

Current versions of these documents must be submitted upon application or renewal of membership. If the association does not have copies, or has only expired documents on hand, updated copies will be requested and must be submitted prior to finalization or renewal of membership.

Associate Members – Tourism-Focused

Any person, firm, corporation, or business venture such as CVBs, Restaurants, Destinations, Venues, Hotels, Receptives or similar, engaged in any major business incident to the motorcoach industry in the State of Virginia shall be eligible for membership. This is a non-voting membership category.

Associate Members – Equipment-Focused

Any person, firm, corporation, or business venture such as OEMs, component, equipment, and parts related suppliers, insurance, equipment financing or similar, engaged in any major business incident to the motorcoach industry in the State of Virginia shall be eligible for membership. This is a non-voting membership category.

Tour Operator Members

Any person, firm, corporation, or business venture that engages packaged passenger travel which does not own or operate their own equipment. This is a non-voting membership category.

Membership Dues Schedule

Membership dues are as follows:

  • Operator: Annual dues $250 – all vehicles, all fleet sizes included
  • Tourism-focused Associates and Receptives: Annual dues $300
  • Equipment-focused Associates: Annual dues $350
  • Tour Operator: Annual dues $150

Late Fees:

Late fees shall be assessed as follows:

  • January 1 – March 31 – No late fee assessed
  • April & May payments – $50 per invoice
  • June & July payments – $100 per invoice
  • August 1 and later – $150 per invoice

Membership Renewal is Annual

The membership year runs from January 1 to the December 31 of the same year. Current membership renewal payments are appreciated by the last day of January, but due by the last day of March, with a late fee incurred effective April 1 of the current year.

VMA accepts Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please note that a 3% processing fee is assessed for credit card payments.


Mail check to:
VB Group Marketing and Event Resources
P O Box 344
Palatine, IL 60078

Renewal invoices are sent out by January 1 of the membership year. Please contact Alice Lemon if you need a copy of your renewal invoice. Please remember to provide your company’s name and membership type (operator; tour operator, associate – tourism focused; associate – equipment focused.)

Online registration is not yet opened. Please download membership application or renewal forms here:

We respectfully request that you fill out the entire application, particularly page 2, so that we are able to update our new database with all of your company's current contact information. We also hope to use this information to assemble a 100-Year Anniversary Directory, so accurate member information is paramount. Please use multiple forms to ensure that you provide all team members who should be listed in our directory. These are the people that we consider to be active members of the VMA. 

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