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2024 VMA - MCASC - NCMA Regional FAM Tours

Ready to Experience Williamsburg Like Never Before?

This August, be sure to include Golf or a FAM Tour on your registration at the VMA-MCASC-NCMA Joint Meeting. You'll enjoy Golf on the Green Course at Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, or for an exclusive FAM Tour opportunity. Our partners at Visit Williamsburg have curated four unforgettable FAM Tour itineraries designed to showcase the very best the area has to offer.


Opened in 1991, Rees Jones drew inspiration from his father Robert Trent Jones Sr.’s iconic Gold Course to create the acclaimed Green Course in Colonial Williamsburg.

Carved from the same beautiful parkland terrain, the Green Course is longer than Gold but also more forgiving—creating an entertaining challenge for golfers of every skill level.

Choose "Annual Golf Tournament" on your registration form. $110 per golfer, rental clubs paid separately. Includes cart and lunch.

FAM Tours

Whether you crave a taste of history, a cultural deep dive, an adrenaline rush, or a relaxing coastal escape, we have the perfect FAM Tour to ignite your wanderlust.  All tours depart from the Williamsburg Lodge - departure 10:30am, expected return 2:30pm (lunch is included in all tours)

There are a limited number of spaces on each tour. During registration, please indicate your first choice. Seats will be confirmed as they are received.

Thanks to our generous FAM Tours Sponsor, Virginia Tourism Corporation.

Taste of Williamsburg

Embark on an immersive culinary journey with the Taste of Williamsburg, Virginia walking tour, right in the heart of this historic town. This guided excursion offers a delectable exploration of Williamsburg's rich gastronomic scene, allowing you to sample a diverse array of local flavors. From savory Southern dishes to refreshing beverages, each stop on the tour presents an opportunity to indulge in the region's finest cuisine. Whether you're a food enthusiast or simply eager to uncover the culinary treasures of Williamsburg, this walking tour promises a delicious adventure that captures the essence of this charming Virginia town.  (Availability:  35 participants max)

Culture Questers

Embark on an enriching journey through the Historic Triangle, where you'll delve into centuries of American history. Step back in time as you explore Colonial Williamsburg, experiencing life in 18th-century America through interactive exhibits and engaging reenactments. Discover the origins of the nation at Historic Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement, and delve into the stories of triumph and struggle at Yorktown, where America secured its independence. Join us on this captivating tour as we unravel the vibrant tapestry of the past in one of America's most historically significant regions. (Availability: 40 participants max)

Thrills & Adventure

Experience thrills and adventure at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, voted the most beautiful theme park. Busch Gardens offers an exhilarating escape with its world-class roller coasters, immersive themed lands, and exciting attractions. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping excitement or family-friendly fun, this iconic theme park delivers an experience like no other. (Availability: 45 participants max)

Sea, Sip, Sun

Explore the vibrant coastal beauty of Yorktown, Virginia, with our exciting Sea, Sip, Sun, and Water tour. Immerse yourself in the serene waters and picturesque landscapes that define this charming coastal destination. Enjoy leisurely strolls along sandy shores, soak up the warm sunshine, and rejuvenate with refreshing beverages crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, our tour offers an unforgettable experience that celebrates the sea, the sun, and the splendor of Yorktown's waterfront. (Availability: 35 participants max)

Note: Seating is limited on each of these amazing tours, so please book your seat quickly. Selection can be made on the registration page.  We do have a waiting list if needed. If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified if a seat becomes available. Please be sure to include a cellular number so we may contact you directly.

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