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VMA Committees

Committee Assignments

Awards Committee:

Attends to ensuring nomination for, and distribution of, all awards given out at the convention each year.

Jimmy Hall, Chair
Larry Williams
J. Morgan Brown
Fred Abbott

Bylaws Committee:

Reviews the bylaws of the association annually and advises the board of any changes needed. It also draws up any changes and submits them to the board for approval.

Casey Newton, Chair
Fred Abbott
Blake Hackett
Jimmy Hall

Convention Planning Committee:

Works on the planning of the annual convention. It meets several times a year during the planning stages, as well as meeting once at the host hotel to view the convention and banquet spaces and meet with the staff on site.

Jason Quick, Chair
Patrick Laffan
J. Morgan Brown

Education/Benefits Committee:

Works to ensure that the association is providing valuable and unique education and benefit offerings to its’ members. This committee also helps plan and execute the Spring Board Workshop.

Tim O’Bryan, Chair
Jason Quick
Wayne Grice
Marvin Spriggs

Emergency Preparedness Committee:

Assists in developing an emergency response plan in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane for purposes of evacuation, relief efforts, etc.

J. Morgan Brown, Chair
Jimmy Hall
Jackie Grice

Finance Committee:

Regularly reviews financial reports, develops budget, considers investment options.

Mona Seaman, Chair
Jason Quick
Andre Ferreira
Blake Hackett

Legislative Committee:

Works closely with our Lobbyist on new bills being introduced in the State Assembly and Senate; assists in planning the annual Legislation Day program, and monitors and is involved in watching applicable national efforts.

Andre Ferreira, Chair
P. Dale Bennett, Lobbyist
Larry Williams
Fred Abbott

Membership Committee:

Works on promoting and increasing membership. It is primarily responsible for proactive reach outs to operator, tour and associate members to promote the benefits of VMA’s members.

Larry Williams, Chair
Jason Quick
Jackie Grice
Patrick Laffan
Julie Levengood

Nominating Committee:

This committee is appointed by the President 3 months before each annual Board election to plan and oversee the elections.

Tim O'Bryan, Co-Chair
Julie Levengood, Co-Chair

Scholarship Committee:

Assists in overseeing the scholarship fund and application process

Tim O’Bryan
Mona Seaman
Julie Levengood

Technology Committee:

Works in conjunction with the Executive Director on any technology changes (website, registration, AMS, etc.) required by the association. All proposed changes must be submitted to the board for review and approval.

Vicki Bowman, Chair
Marvin Spriggs

Tourism Committee:

Works to help enhance the benefits that the VMA offers to its Tourism-focused members.

Julie Levengood, Chair

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